in·ten·sive | adjective | concentrated on a single area or subject or into a short time; very thorough or vigorous.
This week, as part of my writing internship with CoTA, I observed the Summer Arts Intensive program KSU offers to highschool students. I should also mention that this was my first ‘official’ week on the job.
The Intensive was probably the best way for me to test my waters as a writing intern. This week was the perfect opportunity for me to attempt to do things I’ve never actually done before (ie walking up to a stranger and asking for a brief interview) in a semi-low pressure environment. Because I was largely dealing with highschool students, I was able to relax enough to ask questions without worrying too much about professionalism.
Although I’m only a week into this internship, I’ve already learned a huge amount of things that I believe I’ll carry into whatever future position I might have. I’m learning (slowly) that while most things have deadlines, structure might not always play a part. It’s going to be tough out of my studious, “what’s next?” college-y mindset… but I think I can really benefit from a better understanding of how to approach deadlines with a little less urgency. I’m not planning on going about any of this in a lackadaisical manner or anything, but I’m realizing that I tend to give myself unnecessary headaches and stress when I obsess over the next step too much. So, lesson one: focused is not a synonym for stressed! I can and should be able to perform tasks with flexibility.
At the beginning of the week, I was less than enthusiastic about observing the Intensive. I wanted more time to adjust to the idea of myself as a writing intern and all that entails. However, as I said before, the Intensive was the perfect opportunity for me to test out my abilities in a somewhat informal manner. I went into this internship knowing very little about CoTA and because of the Intensive, I was able to get a small glimpse into how it works. I was so impressed with the professors as I observed each separate Intensive (Dance, Acting, Art, and Music). These men and women work year-round with college students and still willingly offered their time to spend a very full week instructing highschool students. It was mind-blowingly awesome to watch them work with the students, gently correcting mistakes and enthusiastically sharing techniques.
I included the definition for “intensive” because I feel that it almost applies to my internship in addition to the actual SAI I observed this week. Over the next seven weeks, I will very likely continue to be faced with new challenges that all fall into the writing arena. Maybe after another week or two I’ll stop being surprised when people treat me like I have authority. I guess I’m channeling all of my nervous energy into a deceptive air of confidence.

By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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