Yellow Lines and Tire Marks

One of my personal all time favorite movies is Elizabethtown, an underrated Cameron Crowe flick that explores the complexities of failure and FOMO*, packaged neatly as a RomCom. I’ve learned from past attempts to share the gift of Elizabethtown with others that it is a film that you either love or hate entirely, there is no in between.

Maybe it is a mediocre, lackluster romantic comedy, but I love every quirk: from Drew’s foiled shoe-icide at the start (to this day, my ringtone is The Temptations’ “I Can’t Get Next To You”) to the inappropriate behavior at the memorial service, and the way Claire takes imaginary photos to remember moments. The first time I saw Elizabethtown, it was an instant classic for me, and in the many times I’ve watched and rewatched it, my appreciation has only grown.

The entire end sequence involves a road trip crafted from Claire’s genius, as Drew finally takes that drive with his dad. With a little help from the world’s best road trip map and 42+ hours worth of music, Drew embarks on a solo road trip to scatter Mitch’s ashes. This is arguably one of the best aspects of the film. Orlando Bloom laughs, cries, and dances alone with one hand waving freely. Yesterday I drove about eight hours with the purpose of visiting my lovely twin and her husband in Wake Forest. I always gush about how fun road trips are whenever people reference them, but I think one of the best things about solo road trips is definitely the actual solitude part.

Being alone is something we really take for granted in this busy world. It’s nice to unplug, even for a short period, and take time to be with your thoughts. There’s a certain sense of clarity and peace I derive from the open road, my itunes collection on shuffle in the background. My advice to you this weekend is to take a moment for yourself, and enjoy the quiet solitude while it lasts.

*Fear Of Missing Out- thanks Broad City.

By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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