March, Revisited.

I’m forcing myself to write this now, while the subject remains semi-relevant. This past month was so full and chaotic, but in a nice “my life needs a little more balance, but it’s kinda great” sort of way. So. March. I challenged myself to write more blogs, drove to NC for a weekend visit with the twinster, and acquired a new job. These are all things I’ve blogged about, however briefly. Here’s a few things I haven’t:

Can you believe the broad nature of that title… entertainment? My packed days didn’t really afford much time for new cinematic or literary discoveries. I did peruse Rookie Yearbook Three in a Barnes and Noble for a few hours, aka time well spent. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and also despair when I think about how successful Tavi Gevinson is. One of the highlights of this edition for me was definitely the Kanye West essay, found here.

Rose McIver, killing it.

I was pleasantly surprised by Rob Thomas’ iZombie- a loose adaption of the comic series by the same name. I’m a huge Veronica Mars fan (check out my blog about the VMars movie here), but I’ve never found the zombie narrative very compelling, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the iZombie pilot. Any and all doubts I had were quickly abandoned. Among others, Thomas brought in former co-producer and co-series writer Diane Ruggerio to bring iZombie to life. It’s impossible (for me, anyway) not to compare this show to VMars, but all of the little comparisons I see in each episode truly just make me love it more. Mars was killed far too soon, and I find it so refreshing to witness such a familiar writing structure on my TV screen. Some might say the similarities are tired, unoriginal. But I’d argue it’s fairly difficult for a zombie show to have originality these days, regardless.

l5ymoviecoverartThis may be technically a February experience, but a huge part of March was dedicated to my continued The Last Five Years appreciation. I’d known about Anna Kendrick’s involvement with the production for months, and downloaded the soundtrack immediately after its release in February. I was totally unfamiliar with the musical itself, and became slightly obsessed once I finally viewed it. I legitimately listened to that soundtrack more than any other album throughout March. Listen to Kendrick perform A Summer in Ohio and you’ll know why. The film is a bit unsure of itself in moments, if anything it just made me wish I could see a live production of the musical.

I also binge-watched all episodes posted (to date) for the webseries The March Family Letters, a Canadian production based on Little Women and affiliated with Pemberley Digital. I’d rate it probably like three grinning cat face emojis.

IMG_3833IMG_3832Early on in 2015, I resolved to be more ambitious with my dining out experiences. I’m fortunate enough to live in a fairly metro area, yet I always seem to eat at the same four places when I do go out. I received guests in the form of my sister Beth (newly 29) and her husband Bob this past weekend, and was happy to try out some different restaurants with them. Cafe Reveille was the perfect Sunday brunch spot, and despite the crowds of people we managed to enjoy our meals (as well as each others’ company) without any real discomfort. I don’t think I’m being too dramatic when I say the Gouda Grits were life changing, and the strawberry and cream crêpe I ordered wasn’t crêppy at all. I can’t wait to return with friends and breakfast aficionados in tow.

Miscellaneous other foods/drinks I tried this month: the restaurant PDQ, meaning People Dedicated to Quality. I didn’t really find the entree items anything worth talking about, but the apple slices and toffee dip were truly to die for. Like, it’s worth the cold fries and strange sauces just for that. I also optimistically ordered Starbucks’ Tiramisu latte and felt something similar to what Michael Bluth felt when he opened the bag in his freezer labelled “DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT”.


BaeIMG_3834Taylor Swift’s Style begins to play. I don’t know, except I got a nifty hair cut/colordone and I wanted to share that with you. My coworker’s mom does hair and she was very patient with me as I scrolled through multiple photos and offered vague half-descriptions of what I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with the end result! On the subject of ‘style’, this month I thrifted a vintage top with a decorative collar that I have worn constantly and with no abandon. I also was inspired by the sleek simplicity of Daniel Wellington watches and managed to snag a slightly ‘bling-ier’ version at Kohls for a very affordable price. Confession: the cheapness of the watch definitely has translated in certain wear and tear. I’d suggest to any potential watch buyers that this is definitely a purchase you want to splurge on! Find the watch you love and buy it– just trust that a slightly more expensive purchase is worth it in the end.

This turned out to be a wordier blog than I intended, sorry! That’s my March in a pretty big nutshell. APRIL IS SURE TO IMPRESS!


By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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