April Showers Bring…

I am so glad to be rid of April. I can barely believe it’s over, it seems to me like I was just writing my March, Revisited blog! In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say I am not feeling very writer-y. The past few weeks have left me drained and weary, though luckily I have not yet slowed down enough to fully take stock of the damages.

IMG_3905April was characteristically rainy. Despite my overall interpretation how the month went, I did love all the rain. Waking up to rainfall is always nice, even if you do have to force yourself out of bed rather than enjoying blissful sleep accompanied with the lullaby of rain falling.IMG_3904

In my drive home for Easter, it rained most of the way back. Once I arrived in central Georgia, the sun was still hiding and the persistent rain was very evident. I began to look at my familiar drive with new eyes, and stopped (er… carefully drove) to take a few photos of the beauty I previously passed without second thought. I can never have too many reminders that the destination isn’t always the primary focus: the journey is just as important!

That said, all my contemplation and reflection on April has left me very full. People often use storms as a metaphor for difficult times in life, because how rewarding is the sunshine after a particularly brutal storm? But Sara Bareilles states best what I experienced…

And I always felt it before
That the world was filled with much more
Than the drowning soul I’ve learned to be
I just need the rain to remind me
—Sara Bareilles, 
Let The Rain

These lyrics impacted me when I very first heard them, and they still get me today. There is much more, and I have determined to let the rain be a reminder rather than an easy excuse for a pity party.

By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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