Here’s Looking At You, August.

Aren’t all of my monthly blogs about the same at this point? You readers, few and far between, know what happens next. “Gee,” I state. “Isn’t it a wonder how quickly the year has gone by?”

TRULY cannot believe it’s already September, but I am totally ready for this Georgia humidity to lessen as the days get shorter and the weather cools.

And now, a word on August.

IMG_6038IMG_6176Well, I went to a One Direction concert. No other concert experience can compare. There was so much tangible happiness in the air. I wouldn’t be able to know how well they performed because I was singing along to literally every song. At my request, my friend Patricia beautifully wrote a summary of her experience, and it says just exactly what I would say about my own experience also. Notably, One Direction released their newest single “Drag Me Down” a week prior to the concert I attended, and updated the set list accordingly (as an added bonus for audiences everywhere). I firmly believe it is impossible to listen to “Drag Me Down” without immediately listening to it all the way through at least one more time.

Nate Ruess’ solo album Grand Romantic was released well before August, but I became well acquainted with it in the last month. I enjoy the entire work, but I especially love the collaboration with Beck “What This World Is Coming To”, as well as the tune Ruess himself described as “Some Nights”‘ evil twin, “AhHa”. Teaming up with Apple Music, Ruess shot “The Grand Romantic”, a fun four video series that features music from the album. The series focuses on the struggles a big time rock star faces when he loses his voice, which is especially comical knowing the true vocal talent Nate Ruess is.


I blazed through Maggie Steifvater’s “The Raven Cycle”, falling in love particularly with Blue Lily, Lily Blue, the third installment in the series. Steifvater has cornered the market on stirring prose coupled with intriguing content. I absolutely cannot wait to see what she does with the final book.

Upon a highly trustworthy recommendation, I read Anthony Doerr’s All The Lights We Cannot See. Truthfully, I probably finished it in July, but reading All The Lights We Cannot See was sort of like being slapped in the face with truly beautiful words and ideas and I implore everyone to read it and experience the painful, glorious process for themselves.IMG_6007IMG_5998


In August, I moved from
one corner of North Georgia to another. In all honesty I am beginning to feel the same level of restlessness I grew accustomed to in my hometown. FUN FACT: our new apartment has the same exact residence number as my old dorm at KSU did, it is all very zen and connected.
IMG_6003 IMG_6037

The One Direction concert I attended was in Baltimore, so I drove with Katie to stay with our friends Kel and Chiara in DC. Concert aside, the entire trip was one of the more memorable things I’ve had happen to me this year.

It was so nice just being in a new place, with the best sorts of people. Kel and Chiara were so generous to let us crash in their apartment for a whirlwind weekend. Highlights include the strawberry frosted birthday cake I was greeted with, walking around Georgetown, the time we spontaneously decided to eat dinner at a rooftop Tiki Bar and promptly realized that actually no, we did not want to eat dinner at a rooftop Tiki Bar, and the fact that I now include the term “lowkey” in my every day vocabulary.

Okay September: show me what you got.

By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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