The 5 Senses of the Holidays

With the holiday season just beginning (mine is kicking off in spectacular style with an early family Christmas celebration this weekend), I thought I’d share with you my top holiday “senses” for the season:

  1. Indie Christmas Music (Hearing)
    Bright Eyes’ rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is a personal favorite. Fun fact: the original lyrics (penned by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane for Meet Me in St. Louis) were much darker than the celebratory tune we know and love today… I think Bright Eyes captures every ounce of the original melancholy the song prescribed.
  2. Stovetop Cocoa (Taste)
    If I’m ever feeling particularly nostalgic or homesick, I gather my wits and Hershey’s cocoa, and concoct a cup (remedy) of hot chocolate. Stovetop cocoa was one of our favorite family treats growing up, and even the experts at Swiss Miss can’t capture that taste. I like to use a candy cane as a stirrer to inspire peppermint reminiscence.
  3. Balsam (Smell)
    Alternatively known as the addictive ‘Christmas tree smell’. My wonderful roommate recently purchased a balsam air freshener for our currently un-decorated apartment, and elevated us to North Pole levels of festive. Whether you’re too much of a Scrooge or a Cratchit to get a real tree, balsam forgives and generously blesses the nostrils. Unless you’re allergic, which is a true tragedy.
  4. Christmas Lights (Sight)
    Driving through neighborhoods and admiring Christmas lights is one of the simplest activities you can participate in, but it is absolutely one of my favorites. I love the production people put into their decorations year by year. The lights are just one more thing that make that December magic.
  5. Wrapping Gifts (Touch)
    There’s something to be said for wrapping presents versus just tossing everything in a bag. I’m all about the efficiency of gift bags, but gift giving feels much more personal when you go ahead and spend that extra minute or two struggling with wrapping paper and tape. Besides, you know what Julie Andrews said about brown paper packages tied up in string…

I suppose I’ll wrap this up (see what I did there? Yeah? You hate it? Cool) and likely continue to let this blog collect dust well into 2016!

By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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