Popgirl — #2

I had a lot to say this week.



Not too salty, not too sweet. Juuuuuust right.

Big Brother (S19E34)
This episode was like a sweet reward for all of the idiotic nonsense I’ve endured from the cast of BB19. When Josh potentially blew up Paul‘s game, I was THRIVING.

Better Things (S1)
For me, Better Things was a unique, beautiful snapshot of women in various stages of life. At the helm is Pamela Adlon – a sharp, hilarious force of nature. Not only did she co-create the show, but she’s one of the primary writers and even directed a few episodes. It’s clear that she funneled a lot of herself into this show. Looking forward to more!

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig (EP117)
This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts, but I wanted to share this specific episode because Nathan Zed was one of Grace’s most recent guests. I thought this interview was refreshing and fun. As Grace says, it got good. It got good enough.


What Happened to Monday? (2017)
The old Orphan Black can’t come to the phone right now, ’cause she’s dead and has been replaced by NOOMI RAPACE!


It’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth.

White Gold (S1E1)
This… was… gross. Do better, Netflix.

The Bold Type (S1)

Hey, I love escapism too! This entire blog is essentially a roundup of all the ways I take a break from my day-to-day existence, after all. But I can’t say I agree with this summary. It was more like 10 hours of wondering if crop tops are actually acceptable workplace attire and why Colin Forrester looks exactly the same 7 years later.

The Bold Type definitely had some high notes. I was found myself cheering when Jacqueline encouraged Sutton to speak up for herself and not let others take credit for her work, and I loved their smart take on the travel ban.

Using a survivor storyline in the show’s finale felt like a lazy effort to end strong, though. It took a series of episodes for us to discover that Jane’s mother died of breast cancer and how that affected Jane in her adult life. On the other hand, in the span of one hour The Bold Type hurried through the journey of two sexual assault survivors.

And it was powerful. I just can’t help but wonder why it was left for a last-minute “big reveal,” when the show had no trouble weaving together other storylines from episode to episode.

PS. Not to sound like a broken record, but you know what show unapologetically tackled the subject of sexual assault in every episode? Sweet/Vicious.

Pop of the Week

A great reminder to us all 🙂

By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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