Popgirl — #13

When Billie Joe Armstrong said “Wake me up when September ends,” I really felt that.

When Billie Joe Armstrong said “Wake me up when September ends,” I really felt that. This past month has been relatively uneventful for me, as I settle into #teacherlife and living alone and all that comes with it. Which means I’ve indulged in more TV than usual.

Bon appétit!


Entirely wonderful, like Eva Victor’s Princess Diaries tribute.

Global Climate Strike

Over 7 million people participated in the global climate strike to demand action against climate change. The conversation around sustainability is much louder and more relevant than ever these days. Seeing a younger generation take to the streets to protest the climate crisis and inspire adults to do the same is so empowering. These kids really are the future, and what they seek to build is worth applauding.

The Valleyfolk Wins NBC’s Bring the Funny

I’ve written about The Valleyfolk before, but surprise! I still love them! I wanted to shine a little spotlight on this group once more because they competed on a reality competition show over the summer and WON. The win is so well-deserved.

This foursome is weird and wonderful in so many ways, and I know they are going to continue doing awesome things with all this new exposure. They talk about the unexpected win in a very gracious episode of The Valleycast. Give it a listen.

Succession (S1) I went down this rabbit hole in the span of two days and enjoyed every messy second. Pulling from a season two quote (because yes, I’m already watching the next season), watching these people melt down is the most satisfying activity… on the planet. Alan Ruck and Nicholas Braun rival each other for most underrated comedic timing. In a surprise twist, Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t It Romantic (2019) was very fun! It’s an easy, lighthearted comedy best enjoyed when you don’t know what to watch. For my personal sanity, I avoid Ryan Murphy shows as a general rule, but Pose (S1) reeled me in. The entire cast is superb. I was behind on Schitt’s Creek (S5) purely as a result of not having cable, but I’m so glad I finally decided to catch up. The Rose family continues to deliver joy and growth at every turn. I genuinely can’t believe Dan Levy doesn’t have an Emmy! Atomic Blonde (2017) I loved it and that’s all I have to say. Honorable mention goes to Derry Girls (S2) for its Dead Poets Society inspired episode, and also every other episode in the series.

The Lover album by Taylor Swift, with ‘Paper Rings,’ ‘London Boy,’ and ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ all tied for my favorite. I still don’t acknowledge ‘ME!’ as a song. A moody new Maisie Peters single, ‘This is On You.’ Eric Nam’s interview with Grace Helbig on the Not Too Deep podcast, which also inspired more than a few listens of Nam’s discography. ‘Kill My Mind,’ a very early 00s-sounding tune from Louis Tomlinson. Orla Gartland’s latest breakup single, ‘Did It To Myself,’ which applies to any relationship ending, romantic or not. Also, this:

Christopher Eccleston bravely opening up about his eating disorder: “I always thought of it as a filthy secret, because I’m northern, because I’m male and because I’m working class.” Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. Brilliant in such a way that I believe I could have read about the respective neuroses of the Richardson and Warner families forever. How Community became a symbol for the evolution of TV. That Caroline Calloway article, which reminded me of Greta Gerwig’s Mistress America and awful lot. Revisiting Siken: I float too much to wander, like you, in the real world. A hard-hitting piece of journalism on the bygone days of quoting movies to each other, which is relevant to this twenty-something who very recently spent a good 15 minutes quoting Ace Ventura back and forth.

Less writing and more ‘musing’: Have Confidence, Will Travel.


At the end of September, I started participating in a “Fashion Rewind” challenge to dress in the style of ten different decades, starting with the 1910s. It’s been a total blast and the perfect way to stretch my creativity while living out of a limited wardrobe here in Korea. The challenge creators, Audrey (@affectionatelyaudrey) and Anna (@akeise) have been delivering some seriously killer looks, too.


Worse than stepping on a LEGO in the dark.

The Neverending “Comedians Can’t Be Funny Anymore!!1!” Saga

Raise your hand if you’re sick of non-apologies. SNL has had plenty of misses in the past, uhhh, forever… but hiring Shane Gillis without a second thought is definitely one of their lowest points. Particularly on the heels of announcing its first Asian cast member in 45 YEARS. The “boundary pushing” jokes that got Gillis fired from his pending SNL gig included tasteless racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs. That’s not risk-taking, it’s just hatred disguised as humor.

In summary:

Pop of the Month

Sleep With Me

Sometimes ya girl can’t sleep, and when that happens I usually turn on some rain sounds, pop a melatonin and attempt to call it a night. However, now that I live alone, my brain is determined to have me become a full-blown insomniac. In tandem with my tried and true rainfall app, the Sleep With Me podcast has truly put me to sleep. It’s a rambling collection of bedtime stories for adults, I don’t know why it helps but it does! If you can’t turn your mind off at night, I highly recommend this pod. Did I just age about 1,000 years? Feels like it.

By Kathryn

KATIE is a twenty-something held together with iced coffee and her wits. She writes personal confessions and pop culture chronicles.

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