The first event that comes to mind concerning my community is the 2007 Little League World Series.

I distinctly remember the event as it took place (my mom loves baseball and tracked every game played by the Little League team that summer); our entire town was understandably excited and proud to witness the talented young citizens of our community as they successfully won game after game in the LLWS.

There are remnants of the win even today, signs that say “Home of the 2007 Little League World Series Champions” and of course, the fact that Warner Robins was named the Southeast Region Headquarters of Little League Baseball and Softball in 2008. While the LLWS win was a proud moment for the community of Warner Robins, the after-effects are ultimately reflective of the community. After achieving headquarters status, city planners set to work building stadiums and centerplexes, echoing back to the same behaviors the military town exhibited in WWII and beyond. Singular moments like the LLWS win in 2007 are what define and shape Warner Robins as a community.

*Feel free to peruse the more in-depth community discourse I created for the final of my Writing in a Digital Environment class! The site has since been restructured, but the content and general purpose remain the same. 

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