Popgirl — #17

Gotta admit, I’m dragging myself across the January finish line.

This month the days seemed to creep on and at times the world felt more chaotic than usual.

Even so, I found moments of enjoyment, from discovering a newfound appreciation for iced cafe lattes to experiencing a Broadway show (The Phantom of the Opera) in Korea. Two things: The Phantom is a total creep despite his tenor, and yes, ‘Down Once More / Track Down This Murderer’ is a top-tier musical fight (read: counterpoint duet).


Refreshing and sweet, like a Shirley Temple.

Started strong for my 2020 Reading Challenge: I wrapped up the Shades of Magic trilogy and was completely enthralled with the storytelling. No idea why I waited years after reading the first book to dive into the others, Victoria Schwab is so good! Revisited To Kill a Mockingbird and still proudly claim it as my all-time favorite book. Checked out some Mainer historical fiction – A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline – and was very pleased with the novel. Another trilogy I picked back up and enjoyed, Chaos Walking. If you’re into sci-fi dystopia, this one’s for you. The tangled and heartening sophomore novel from Mary H.K. Choi, Permanent Record, followed up with her delightfully candid Elle Canada interview. Insights from Jenna Wortham about how social media has irrevocably changed the way we live over the last ten years and getting a handle on that change. A dense yet fascinating read on how sustainable fashion is based around bad facts.

The Good Place final season, which is weird and fun as always. I haven’t watched the series finale yet because I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared for it to be over. I did finish Atypical (S3), which was surprisingly delightful. Three seasons in, it’s more clear than ever that Brigette Lundy-Paine and Keir Gilchrist are the shining stars of this production, portraying siblings Casey and Sam with depth and heart. I also fell into The Circle (S1) on Netflix, which I found as addictive, yet not as frustrating, as Big Brother.

Old favorites like radio playlists inspired by ‘Life is Rosy’ by Jess Penner and ‘Portions for Foxes’ by Rilo Kiley, plus a collection of all the Fun. albums were on repeat. As far as new earworms, a heartbreaking yet beautiful Kina Grannis cover of ‘Somebody Loved’ by The Weepies, and two very different jams: ‘EARLY TO THE PARTY’ from ASL and ‘Adeline’ by Fever Dolls. Listen here. Also gave the Grammy-winning ‘Saint Honesty’ a few listens because Sara Bareilles is my queen, and fully cried watching this performance.

Lobbying for hobbies, in which I wax poetic about a generation that allegedly “lost hobbies”. Time capsule, a self-indulgent snapshot of where I was ten years ago.


Please, close my hat fringe window so I don’t have to acknowledge this anymore.

The Royals series from Rachel Hawkins – it’s just fine? I wanted it to live up to Red, White & Royal Blue standards but I’m sad to say both Prince Charming and Her Royal Highness fell short for me. Open to suggestions for other modern royalty books to fit my particular brand of royal obsession.

You know when everyone says something isn’t good but you want it to be, so you try to limit your expectations and have an open mind? Yeah, that’s what I attempted to do walking into Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Unfortunately, even with low expectations, I was still disappointed. I love Star Wars, I really do – and I even have been known to enjoy JJ Abrams’ contribution to the world of sci-fi entertainment. But this movie gets a big ol’ eye roll from me. It was a production of nothing, and such a dissatisfying conclusion. You (S1-2*) on Netflix. In truth, I did enjoy the WTF-ery of each episode at first, but it starts to wear thin. I don’t get the appeal of static characters and storylines that don’t evolve. *Full disclosure: I haven’t completed the second season, but with two episodes left, I doubt my opinions will be swayed.

Pop of the Month

Because life’s a happy song when there’s someone by your side to sing along.

Musical Theater

Like I said at the opening, I got to see the world tour production of The Phantom of the Opera this month. It was a magical event.

When I watch Broadway shows, or any stage show for that matter, it always makes me so proud. I can’t help but feel joy for the people on and off stage, who are living out their dreams by making art that people like me can enjoy. I always feel better after listening to or seeing a musical. So this one goes to the grand old institution of campy acting, catchy showtunes, and all that jazz.