Wide Scope Emblem


My choice in emblem was influenced by the image produced in the Mapping Home exercise I completed earlier in the semester. I intentionally let all of the significant paths lead to my home, and as a result I ended up with a fairly recognizable image (a triangle/pyramid). I felt that the triangle aspect was relatively important because I noticed a pattern of religious transference, and I recalled the Christian symbol for the Trinity was an image that ultimately acted as a triangle. Also, one of the first things the Mapping Home emblem made me think of was the Louvre in Paris. I felt that this association could be tied directly into the emphasis on the arts (performance and literary focus in particular) that my Mystory discourses/blog exercises seemed to take on.


 I wanted to explore the idea of “trinity” or a unity of 3 individual concepts that together, create a singular concept. I think Ulmer’s purpose in having students map out the four discourses individually while also determining what connections and patterns arise follows a similar process. Though I ended up using a pyramid representation over the triangle, this was more out of necessity (for aesthetic purposes) than anything else. Despite the change, I can’t help but acknowledge that the Mystory project has more than 3 discourses as well; a multi-sided pyramid serves a far better purpose for mirroring the project. I do focus on three single concepts rather than naming every side, mostly because the Mystory project itself is still evolving and also because I would like to assert the importance of these particular concepts. I chose to title the emblem [tri] unity: “[tri]” because the inspiration was derivative of the trinity symbol but ultimately there isn’t a “tri” aspect present in the image; and the “unity” part of the title effectively zeroes in on the unification of concepts that has occurred both throughout the project and in the image itself

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